Beats, Bars and Breakfast!

“Wait… I thought this was the website of Rapper/ Producer CP Lee” I hear you thinking! Just to clarify, it is.

I want to share with you some other aspects of my life that I really enjoy and whether it is poetry, painting, producing or cooking. It’s all art!

Cooking is something that I find really relaxing and the creative possibilities are endless. Granted the dish I have on show within this article isn’t exactly Gourmet but aimed more to show you that simplicity is sometimes the most sensual!

SO, what is this super, simple, sensual dish  that I’m banging on about? It’s none other than an omelette! Only this isn’t just your average tasting omelette. Like any artist, I have taken an idea and tweaked it to add my own twist. I call this the ‘Momelette’

Mouth wateringly cooked to perfection, this breakfast will start your day off Eggcellently (Come on, like you wouldn’t have sneaked that one in)

Right, what’s in it then chef?

Before you ask, let me tell you what’s in it!

The omelette itself is packed with:

Onion (Red and White)


Smoked bacon


and eggs (Kinda important that you don’t forget the eggs)

BBQ sauce lightly drizzled over it. Served with thin sliced ham covered in carolina mustard and lettuce dressed with soy, ginger and chilli salad dressing.

No red or brown sauce in sight but let me assure you that all of these flavours compliment each other amazingly!

Salt and pepper according to taste!

I will be more than happy to share the method I use for preparing and cooking this dish or to discuss this recipe, just contact me using the ‘Contact’ tab or find me on social media. Let’s talk!

Tag me @cpleemusic and let me see some of your efforts with this or any other recipe that you feel you make your own!

Until next time, it’s time to Break-fast (Again, I’m sorry)

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